Licence Application


Procedure for Applying for an LGV Licence / Driver CPC Qualification

  • Pass LGV medical
  • Obtain LGV provisional licence (cat C/C1)
  • Sit and pass theory and hazard perception test  (Driver CPC module 1 (module 1A and 1B)
  • Sit and pass the case study theory test (Driver CPC module 2)
  • Pass the practical driving test (Driver CPC module 3)
  • Pass the associated knowledge practical test (Driver CPC module 4)

We can help!
Attaining your LGV can seem a daunting process we will guide you step by step through the complete LGV licence acquisition process from medical through to practical test. Please note. It can be cheaper and quicker by letting Associated Transport Tuition manage the process for you.

Do it yourself!
You may prefer to do it all yourself (e.g. medical, theory tests etc.)
Below is a step by step guide taking you through the whole HGV/Lgv Driver CPC licence acquisition process. For any further assistance or advice just call Associated Transport Tuition on 01527 524170 or 07753 567913

In the first instance, students must undertake a medical to prove they are physically fit to drive an LGV. This can be arranged through the candidate's own GP but please bear in mind that this can cost anything up to £160.

We have an arrangement with a local practitioner based in Birmingham Doctor Crossland is very experienced at carrying out Lgv medicals at a cost of £35.00. Tel: 0121-680-3848.

The doctor undertaking the medical is required to complete form D4 of the LGV provisional application form so make sure you take this with you. The medical should last no longer than 20 minutes. Once the medical is completed the doctor will hand back the completed D4 form to you. Please note. You will be asked to provide a urine sample at your appointment. You can obtain a D4 form by calling Associated Transport Tuition: 01527 524170.

Licence Application
Next, you must apply for the correct LGV provisional entitlement.
Provisional LGV licence application form (D2) must be used. You can call A.T.T. 01527 524170 for the form,
Please ensure the application form is read carefully before it is completed. Attention must be paid when selecting the appropriate provisional entitlement. The cat "C" Box should always be ticked (unless applying for C1 (7.5 tonnes provisional). Please call A.T.T. if in any doubt.
Identification (where requested) must be sent with the provisional application form. The identification required will depend on whether the student holds the new photo card licence (please read guide carefully). If you have a new photo card licence then section 6 (confirming your identity), section 7 (signing your photograph) and a photograph of you need NOT be completed / sent. Please note. The LGV provisional application is free.

When complete, post the forms to the DVLA in the brown pre-addressed envelope. Alternatively, they can be forwarded to A.T.T. first who will check that everything is correct before forwarding to the DVLA. The student should expect the licence back within 10-14 days. If you currently have a photo type licence, then the documents that need to be sent to the DVLA are:
•    D4 Form
•    D2 Form
•    The plastic & counterpart (paper) section of your licence.

While waiting for the licence to come through, it would be highly advisable for you to start reading The Official LGV Theory Test book, Hazard Perception DVD and the Case Study theory test DVD. The LGV Theory Test book is available from all major newsagents at a cost of £14.99 The Hazard Perception DVD is also £14.99 The case study CDRom is £39.99.
Theory Test (Driver CPC Module 1).

Once you receive your licence back from DVLA you can book and take your theory and hazard perception test. You can book your theory in a number of ways. You can

Call the DSA on 0300 200 1122
Book online at

You will need your driver number (found on your licence) and a credit or debit card card. DSA will have a theory test centre that is close to you the theory and hazard perception are two separate examinations.

Module 1A
To pass the theory test (Module 1A) you are required to answer 100 multiple choice questions. You must get at least 85 correct to be awarded a pass. The theory test exam lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes.  "The official LGV Theory Test Book" is highly recommended as an ideal learning tool.

Module 1B
The hazard perception test (Module 1B) consists of 20 hazard clips, you are required to identify potential hazards as and when they appear on the screen. It is highly recommended you acquire The Official Hazard Perception CD ROM. The required pass mark is 67 out of 100.
If you fail the hazard perception test but have passed the theory test, then you only re-sit the hazard perception test, and vice versa.
The fee is £35.00 for the Multiple Choice Theory test and £15.00 for the hazard perception test.  

Case Study Theory Test (Driver CPC Module 2)
This test must be sat at DSA approved theory test centre. The cost is £30. If you wish to drive professionally you must pass module 2.A.T.T. can supply you with a DVD to help you prepare for the test.   
Module 2 (Case Study). You will be asked a variety of questions with multiple choice answers. The exam will use diagrams, video clips, text and audio to help illustrate the questions. Each test will consist of 7 case studies. In turn you will be asked 6-8 questions per case study.
MODULE 3 (Practical Driving Test)
Normally a 5 day course is required to pass Module 3 (Practical Driving Test) You will be required to pass a practical driving test by a DSA approved examiner. You must be able to demonstrate competence and safety throughout your drive. It is anticipated the test will last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

MODULE 4 (Practical Test  Associated Knowledge)
Module 4 is a separate practical test that lasts for approximately 30 minutes. It will normally be conducted after your practical driving test (module 3), However you can take either module first (e.g. 3 & 4 or 4 &3).
It is anticipated approx 3 hours training is required to prepare adequately for this exam. The DSA examiner will ask certain questions about vehicle and load safety and security. You must demonstrate your answers using a vehicle and various restraining devices.

For example, part of the module 4 test may be to carry out a pre-use vehicle check or demonstrate how you would secure a load using various restraining devices. Pre-training is essential to ensure success.  The pass mark for module 4 is 80%.  However you must get at least 75% in each subject area (5 areas) to ensure success. The test fee is £55. Training fees will be £220.00.

Once you have passed module 4 you will be awarded a Driver CPC qualification Card and can drive professionally, this will be valid for 5 years then you must complete 35 hours periodic training within 5 years and every five years thereafter.
A.T.T. Training conducts Driver CPC initial training every week. We can assist you with all the relevant instruction and training tools needed to pass all 4 modules.
For further information, please feel free to call Dave or Jayne on: 01527 524170 or 07753 567913.



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